Friday, October 13, 2006

Random Bits

  • $2,396 was what it cost us to drive from Virginia to Eielson. Actually, that amount is what we charged on Rick's government travel card for gas, and lodging. There were a few times when the particular gas pump we used didn't accept the gov't card and we used our debit card.

  • For a Ford SUV, a Kia sedan, and renter's insurance, our insurance bill went up $700 a year when we moved here.

  • In Alaska, pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way. So if you're in the street and get hit by a car, it's your fault.

  • Also, in this state it is legal to have marijuana for your own personal consumption. (But of course if you're active duty and want to take advantage of this liberal law, prepare for a court martial if you get caught)

Perdy interesting stuff.

1 comment:

CereneOne said...

I like the ped law....

That is a lot to pay for the trip and insurance.