Thursday, July 12, 2007


I never thought I would take a nearly 6-month break from blogging when I began this back in September. Alaska has bumped over the peak of the summer solstice and is now back to losing light every day, for which I am thankful.

Being a night owl, if I had to choose between the constant light or constant darkness, I'd choose the darkness. Maybe that says more about my personality than I'd care to admit, but there it is. I find myself more disoriented and sleep-deprived in the summer than I did in the winter. I feel at home in the comfort of darkness - more secure inside. Yeah I know, I'm weird.

So I'll stop with all the psycho-babble and get to posting some long-overdue pics for the one or two of you who still happen to stop by on occasion. I took these on June 21st at the Summer Solstice Festival downtown.

The main street - Cushman - running through downtown.

The folks in this pic above are panning for gold.


Sandy said...

I checked out your Artic Cam last night late, it was still daylight out about 11:45pm.....Funny how being in the military with constant changes in life that the body has it's own time keeper reguardless what the clock says.

If it's any consolation, I feel more secure in the dimness of night as well. Do other night owls feel the same?

John Phillips said...

Your blog is great. I am glad you got a new post on there. I am movin gto Eielson in January of 08 so any tips please send them my way.

Thanks a lot, and I will continue to tune in !!!

John Phillips

Al said...

Glad you finally made it back. I thought we were going to have to send out a search party.

I look forward to some good stuff the rest of the year.

GE said...

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Please keep us informed of any changes to your details.

Chester said...

I agree, I love the darkness over the brightness of the day. love to stay up all night watching movies or just channel flippin.