Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cold and Miserable on a Scale of 1 to 10

The temperature has finally warmed up a bit and we recieved another several inches of snow. As I opened my bedroom blinds and saw big fluffy flakes falling I thought for sure I heard testosterone-fueled cheers in the distance. Just a few more inches of the white stuff and the commander can sign on the dotted line authorizing snowmachine use on base. Being that I don't own a snowmachine and have yet to set my backside on one and get completely addicted, I'm not particularly looking forward to the disturbance of my peace. I'm selfish that way. Snowmachines are noisy suckers.

Our days are getting shorter - 4 hrs 27 mins from sunrise to sunset today. Bren and I thought it was pretty cool to be watching the sunrise after 10 o'clock this morning on our way to town. As I type this at 3:02 p.m. I can see the beautiful full moon rising as it begins to get dark. I love the darkness and don't find that it has affected me in any way as of yet (if you don't count getting the urge to curl up with a good book and cuppa cocoa) but Rick says he is beginning to get sleepy earlier in the day.

A couple days ago I spoke with my mom on the phone. She was bundled up on the sofa with her electric blanket in Branson, Missouri, staying safe inside from the ice storm. It was cold - in the teens and 20's, but she hesitated to complain about the cold to me being that I'm in Alaska and all.

After I hung up with Mom I thought about it and came to the conclusion that colder doesn't necessarily mean more miserable. It does get very cold here, but where we are in the Interior we don't get much wind (or snow for that matter, and when we do get snow it's powder), and I have decided that wind is the key factor in getting you from a 1 to a 10 on the Cold and Miserable scale. Where it took me being outside in 25-below for 5 minutes to reach miserable, it would only take me 30 seconds (or less) to reach miserable in 35 degrees + wind and rain or snow.

So family and friends, feel free to tell me how cold you are, I hear ya!


Mary Ann said...

We drove from CA to Ohio last week and the coldest spot we visited was Grants, NM where it was eleven degrees below on Wednesday night. All of the plumbing in our RV froze, but we were praising God for a great furnace. We were toasty warm inside even if we didn't have any water.

I agree with you about the wind, rain and snow. It's down to the teens here in Ohio tonight, but that seems almost balmy after last week.

CereneOne said...

It is COLD here at 29 degrees, but the wind has been horrid. I agree that w/o wind it would be a lot easier to handle. With it, the chill goes into the bones. BURRRR!

Donna said...

Mary Ann, a comment! :O) I know you must have driven through every weather event possible on your trip this time of year.

I am finding the same thing you have with the "warmer" temps. After averaging 20-below for about two weeks, zero felt real warm to us. Enjoy it! Blessings.

Tammy, I know how that wind is on the East Coast!

East of Oregon said...

Hi Donna! Thanks for your sweet comment on my picture post.. I put on makeup today, which was the first time in dayyyssss. My son came home from school and was amazed.. he kept saying, you put makeup on Mom.. and you're not in your pajamas.. and you fixed your hair. Sad but true. (My school exams are this week and next and I've been literally hibernating in my room with the door shut, only leaving for bathroom breaks and coffee refills, and food occassionally.) My poor husband is doing everything else. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, kids homework help, etc. I feel bad. But I'll feel better after school is out next week. Then maybe I'll put makeup on EVERYDAY :)

Molly said...

It's warmed up by about thirty degrees here in Anchorage. Heaven! And only fifteen days till winter solstice -- we'll be gaining daylight every day after that! The lack of daylight doesn't bother me all that much either but maybe that's because I sit in an office with a big window with a view of the sun all day long.

laura g. said...

I agree that Anchorage feels "warm" to me! The hardest part about winter in AK for me is getting out of bed in the morning! My body doesn't seem to understand it's time to get up when it's still pitch dark outside!