Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'll Take That To-Go

These drive-thru coffee joints are very popular in this area. It would be interesting to find out how many there are in the whole state. I bet they'd give Micky D's a run for their money.

These first two are located in Fairbanks (credit to Bren for the photos). I like the name Kodiak Joe's -- sounds very rustic. The other, with the soft serve on top is called Sunrise Bagel and Espresso.

Lava Java is here on base right off Flightline Ave., convenient for those folks who work on the flightline. It is the first drive-thru coffee place we visited here and didn't have a good experience the first three times we visited. A version of a frappuccino was on the menu but they didn't have the ingredients to make them on our first two visits so Bren ordered a kiwi Italian soda which she loved and looked forward to getting again on our next visit. A week later we had our third visit (Lava Java gives out those buy 9, get one free punch cards that keep you coming back) and we hear, "Sorry, we don't have anymore kiwi syrup and the owner decided to not stock it anymore." As Bren's face fell I said, "Oh, okay. So, can we get a frappuccino yet?" The girl, who needs to lay off the tanning bed, replied no, the owner has also decided to not do frappuccinos, and would we like to try something else? Bren decided on the Blended Iced Mocha (you can see the ad on the front of the shop). It's a frappuccino. We don't go there anymore. Too expensive and too much of a gamble.

I took this last photo on Santa Clause Lane in North Pole today when I went to return movies at BlockBuster. It looks like it may be halfway decent, as it should be since North Pole does a lot of tourist business. Next time I'll stop and have a drink.

And while I'm on the subject of coffee joints, there is a Barnes&Noble Cafe that serves Starbucks coffee, and I know there is a Starbucks inside Fred Meyer.

Bren and I are looking forward to trying the few store front coffee shops we've seen in town. I hope we find some good ones.


CereneOne said...

Now that is another hobby worth pursuing! Coffee. Yum!

deb said...

Donna, I love all these pictures because they feature little coffee joints that are so unique! Very interesting...even though no one in our family drinks coffee!

Julie said...

The first one is Sunrise Bagel and Espresso.

Donna said...

Tammy, I wholeheartedly agree with you!

Deb, I really like the places as well which is why I decided to take some pics of them. Your family did well to steer clear of this highly addictive substance!

Julie, I guess it should have occurred to me to ask you, huh! Guess you've driven through this one before?

Al said...

Looks like hot drinks are easy to find in the Last Frontier. In VA, we have a few of these type businesses, but they sell shaved ice. I coffee sheds like yours in VA.

Do any serve Deadman's Reach coffee from Raven's brew ( Its made in Alaska. Let me know if its any good. I do like their t-shirts.

East of Oregon said...

Oh I love those!! And I love coffee. The first time I ever went to the Pacific Northwest (Oregon), I was simply astounded at all the coffee places - like the ones you've photographed. They are all over the place, on every street corner, in every little town, in every little 4 way stop in the country.. EVERYWHERE. I love it.

Expat Traveler said...

well you know what they say here; there's something like 200 plus starbucks and growing...

I like the drive through concepts especially since it supports the little guy!