Sunday, December 24, 2006

'Tis Winter Now

’Tis winter now; the fallen snow
Has left the heav’ns all coldly clear;
Through leafless boughs the sharp winds blow,
And all the earth lies dead and drear.

And yet God’s love is not withdrawn;
His life within the keen air breathes;
His beauty paints the crimson dawn,
And clothes the boughs with glittering wreaths.

And though abroad the sharp winds blow,
And skies are chill, and frosts are keen,
Home closer draws her circle now,
And warmer glows her light within.

O God! Who giv’st the winter’s cold
As well as summer’s joyous rays,
Us warmly in Thy love enfold,
And keep us through life’s wintry days.

~ Samuel Longfellow, 1864


Ambra Celeste said...

This is so beautiful. Thank you for posting it! I hope you and your family are having a very Merry Christmas!

Donna said...

Ambra, I'm so glad you like it. Thanks for the Christmas wishes. I hope you had a good one with your family. Blessings.