Sunday, September 03, 2006


I wonder how the doggies would rate their ride?

The 500-mile drive today went real well. The weather has been beautiful (only had to turn on the A/C for the dogs a few times when we entered Arkansas), and the traffic was light being that it is Sunday. We made good time. Gas prices were thirty cents higher per gallon in Tennessee than they were in Kentucky. It's odd how the prices change from state-to-state.

We arrived at the Holiday Inn in Forest City at around 6 p.m. It's an older hotel, but not in the quaint sort of way. It's old in a desperately-needing-renovation sort of way. But the room is decent as long as you don't get the urge to turn around in the bathroom. There just isn't enough room in there to do that! On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give this place a 4.

My sister drove up to see us with her son, Sydney and we had a real nice visit for a couple hours. Sandy had already eaten, so we sat at the Mexican restaurant and she watched me eat, then afterward we sat by the pool for a long chat while Rick and Brenna kept 3-year-old Sydney occupied.

Sandy is two years older than me and we weren't really close growing up. We have struggled to build a solid relationship as adults, so I value very much the time I get to spend with her. Tonight when she left, Bren dubbed her a "cool" aunt, and she is, as well as a good mommy.

Sydney had about all a little guy could take at 9:30 p.m. so we walked them to their truck and said goodbye. I pray it won't be too long before we will see them again. Little boys don't stay little very long.

After a load of laundry and taking the dogs out one last time, Rick and Bren got into bed and promptly fell asleep. Now it's my turn.

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