Friday, September 15, 2006

What We've Been Up To

Yesterday we took our time getting up and eating before hitting the road for our final leg to Eielson. The day was gorgeous; the moutain air cold and refreshing, and all of the tension from the past two weeks of traveling had mysteriously disappeared. We were so close, and we felt it.

At Delta Junction, mile 1422 of the Alaska Highway, the official end, we stopped and took photos of the marker, bought a few postcards, and headed back out.

Our first stop once we pulled into town was the boarding facility we chose for the dogs. Bad Dog Neezy was really excited at first, but once she figured out what was happening she filed her nails down an inch on the pavement trying to avoid going in.
Once inside, Bren and I each got into a pen and tried to show the dogs how to work the doggie doors that lead out to the dog runs. We're not sure Good-Dog Buddy has the brain power to figure it out, so we asked the ladies to check on him to make sure he's not stuck outside during the cold of night.
I feel just awful leaving our poopers, but I know they will be fine. We plan on taking a trip out today to visit them. Thankfully, they won't have to stay there for too long.

When we got to the base the first thing I noticed was that there was no official Eielson AFB sign. (Since I lost the photos of us at the Alaska border I figured I'd get one at the sign at the gate, but there isn't one.) Rick checked us into billeting then we went to the room and unpacked. It's a decent suite with a kitchenette and cooking utensils, so it will do, although I feel sorry for Bren having to sleep on the sofa bed that consists of springs covered by a sheet for a mattress. Several blankets softened it a bit.

After unpacking we headed out to eplore the base. The drive through the housing area was...uh, interesting. There are nice houses, not-so-nice houses, and I'd-rather-live-in-my-car houses. Very large ATVs, trucks, and snow machines took up driveway space on every street and court, and we discovered that people here put up their Christmas decorations very early while there is still daylight and the temp is above freezing.

Eventually we saw an empty unit, so we pulled up into the driveway and started poking around. The woman nextdoor, Angie, was outside so I asked her if anyone was living there, then she offered to let us come inside her home to view the interior. I was so floored by her offer and kindess! The house was lovely, but I will save the details for my post later tonight.

From the housing area we drove by Bren's school, the bowling alley, the fitness center (which is wonderful and I plan to take full advantage of!) After a stop at the Shoppette for some nukeable food, we headed back to the room, watched some t.v., and did laundry.

First thing this morning Rick went by the housing office to check out that situation and it looks like we'll be able to get a key this afternoon.

Next stop was Bren's school where we registered and met with her counselor who helped set up her academic schedule. The school is very nice, and small in size (appx 600 students 7th thru 12th grades). She is very excited to be attending a "normal" school, and we are so happy for her. As it happens, this week was homecoming week and we'll be able to attend the football games tomorrow.

After registering for school we dropped Rick off to in-process the base, then Bren and I came over to the computers. There are no computer hook-ups in the room, only in the lobby of the main building so I will bring the laptop over later today and post some pics.

Later then ~


violet said...

So glad to hear you made it! Apparently there was snow in some of the areas you passed through earlier this week. Is anything like that threatening there?

Ice Woman said...

Violet, on our way we noticed the snowline was pretty low, but we haven't encountered any yet. Looking forward to it though!

Anonymous said...

We're there??!! Yahoo! Yippee! :-)