Friday, September 15, 2006

First Full Day

This pic was taken at Delta Junction, the official end of the 1,422-mile long highway. It was very windy standing there! I got wacked in the face with the Alaska flag a couple times, so I held it down behind my back. Hope that wasn't a sign of things to come ;o) haha

The next pic is a glimpse of the room we're staying in. It's small, but livable as long as no more than one person is walking around at any given time. I'm managing to keep it tidy enough that even mom might be proud of me.

The big event of today was signing for the place we will call home for at least the next three years. After we registered Bren for school we went to lunch then Rick picked up the key to the house we were being offered. During each PCS I have learned to keep my expectations low as far as base housing is concerned, and I was in that mindset arriving here, so even though I knew there was a possibility we could get a nice house, I didn't expect it.

The house is big and beautiful, with plenty of space for storage, and a very nice completely finished basement that can serve as an additional living area. When Bren walked into her room and saw a walk-in closet she cried because she was so happy. There's plenty of space for her. She's also very pleased with her view of the woods at the back of the house. What a sight that will be when the trees are heavy laden with snow.

What I am most thankful for is that we will have plenty of space for visitors (hint hint!). I was so excited that I called mom and hyperventilated into the phone for about ten minutes. I think mom and dad could tell I was pretty happy. Bren said she'd never heard me talk that fast for so long.

Our next stop was to sign up for cell phone service. After talking to several people who have service in the area, we settled on a company that also provides land line and DSL. The prices seemed comparable to what we were paying in the states, so there were no surprises there -- except maybe for the three free cell phones we got. (Mom or Chester, if you want my Verizon phone just give me a holler)

At the end of the business day we all got changed and went to the gym for a workout. One of the really neat features there is FitLinxx. I filled out and information sheet, the staff loads it into the system, then whenever I get on a cardio machine I punch in a code and the info about my workout is transmitted to my profile. It's quite an incentive to keep working out. All I have to do is stay healthy! It seems that whenever I begin a serious workout regimen I end up getting sick and have to hold off for awhile.

Since we didn't make it out to see the poopers today I called to check on them. The woman said she didn't think either one of them slept inside last night. She wasn't sure if they just wanted to be outside, or if they couldn't figure out the doggie doors. I thought maybe they liked being outside after being in their kennels most of the day for the past two weeks. The woman called me back and said she went in and called to them and they both came inside. I feel better. Now that we have a house we should be able to go pick them up on Monday.

It's getting late. Until next time...

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