Monday, September 11, 2006

Dawson Creek, British Columbia

Today we managed to cover approximately 540 miles and stopped for the night at Dawson Creek, "Mile 0" of the Alaska Highway.

(Bren picked up this cool Canada hat at a little store in Windy Point when we stopped for a "washroom" break.)

We got a room at the first hotel we came to, unloaded the truck, fed and walked the dogs, then Bren and I drove across the road to a RV park to use the laundry facilities while Rick showered.

The desk clerk at the hotel said it was okay to use the RV laundry park, but I still wanted to make sure, so when I drove up I asked an older gentleman who was working around the manager's office. He was very kind and soft spoken which surprised me considering his build and rugged looks. The man said it was fine, sold us a roll of Canadian quarters, and told us where we could buy soap. It's nice to finally have clean clothes!

History was made today! Rick made an unnecessary stop on the road (gasp!) Yes, it is true. The glory of God's incredible creation got the better of Rick when he spotted McLeese Lake from the highway. The water was flat and still and mirrored the landscape perfectly. Pictures can't begin to capture the beauty of it, but I thought I'd try anyway. The air was clear and cool and smelled of pine. I could have just sat and looked out on that lake all day long.

I do believe we are finally finished with the Canadian Rockies, but I'm not 100% sure. I'll have to check the MilePost again in the morning. It would be nice if we have some nice long stretch of highway for a change and have a break from the winding roads that tend to make us all a bit woozy. We're going to attempt to make it to Watson Lake tomorrow at the border of B.C. and Yukon Territory, which will be a 600-mile day. I hope we make it.

I'm sure there's more that I wanted to write tonight, but as usual, I'm tired and just want to get into bed. I hope I can get some downtime in the near future and respond to those who leave comments for me. It's nice to know someone is reading :o)

I love you all and hope and pray all is well with you.

God be with you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been lurking here!

What you're writing is simply awesome.

I wish I was tagging along for the trip.

Enjoy and God bless,


Anonymous said...

So glad you're able to take time to stop and smell the, the pine. Looked like a beautiful scene. I know there will be more.
Very cool hat, Bren!
Godspeed to you all.

Zack (a guy without a "cool" hat but plenty of canadian quarters):-)

deb said...

Donna, I have been amazed that you actually have been able to find internet connection throughout your whole trip so far to keep us updated. Great!!

You have been through some beautiful country. Wouldn't it be great to spend an extra day in each place?! Glad you are taking pics.

CereneOne said...

I am so thrilled for you! What an adventure of a lifetime. And to think a dream come true as well!

julie said...

Hello from Alaska. I remember my trip down the highway to Washington. So pretty. Thanks for all the pictures you are posting, they sure do bring back memories

See you soon