Saturday, September 16, 2006

Home Glimpses

I got a few shots of our soon-to-be new home while we waited for the housing chief to arrive to show us around. These are duplexes, not single family houses.

When we entered the house via the "mudroom", the first thing we noticed were thousands of (what appeard to be) knats. They were nowhere else in the house, so I don't think it's a serious problem, but it still needs to be checked out. The housing chief is going to call up entemology on Monday for an assessment, so we'll continue to stay in billeting until the bug problem is resolved.

The walk-through went really well and we are very pleased with all the little extras that come with the house.
Today we made appointments to have the cars winterized and will order tires when we get more input from different people. We have discovered that in many instances, some things (such as cell phone companies and whether or not to get studded tires) people consider a must, while others will say it's unneccessary. I guess it comes down to preference, and so we want to get input from folks that have been here for at least a couple winters.

We were told that a store in Fairbanks is having a winter clothing sale this weekend, so we are about to head into town to check it out. Bren is tired, so she laid down for a nap after we got done at the house, and Rick brought me to the billeting office to get on the computer.

I hope you all are doing well. Thanks for keeping in touch!


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