Saturday, September 30, 2006

It Snowed Today!

The day began cool and wet, but we were eager to get out the door and enjoy our afternoon off together. At 2:00 Bren and I headed to Fairbanks to look for school shoes and we were not disappointed at Famous Footwear. The store had a very good selection of shoes reasonably priced, and more importantly, practical. A lot of times we'll venture into stores where we look at the shoes and wonder who would ever wear something like that, and where?, but that wasn't the case in this store. I was especially happy to see they carry shoes in women's size 11 which is what I wear.

Bren bought a pair of these Eastlands, and these Adidas in mossy green.

PetCo, nextdoor to the shoe store, was quite impressive as well. I suppose all of them are, but I had never been in one before today.

Tired of walking around, eager to get out of the rain, and quite thirsty, we walked a few stores down to Barnes and Noble and felt at home as soon as we walked in the door. Soft jazz was playing over the intercom and a warm glow emanated from the gas fireplace by the cafe. The fireplace was encircled by several cozy chairs.

The line at the cafe was long but moved very fast, and the staff was friendly. Bren ordered the Chicken Chipoltle grilled sandwich with a coconut-raspberry Italian Soda, and I, an Italian and Artichoke Stratta. The food was delicious, but I did not find what I went in for: an 18- or 15-month wall calendar.

On the way out of Fairbanks the rain turned to sleet, and by the time we pulled into our garage, it had turned to snow.

I love winter!


Melene said...

Sounds like a really fun day-even with the snow. I'm envious of you having a B&N up there in Alaska. Our little town here in Texas doesn't have one and I miss it!

Anonymous said...

Boy, that does look nice & cozy. We had a frost this morning here in PA. :-(


Anonymous said...

I SO MUCH want to be there in the snow. If I could leave California now I would!! Sis your so lucky!! I am so tired of 80+ degree weather it makes me sick!!! I want Snow!!! Please enjoy a snow angel for me when you get the chance. My love to all. Chester

Ice Woman said...

Melene, I was so relieved when I discovered there is a B&N up here! It's our favorite place to hang out, by far!

Zack, you no like frost? lol

Chester, I know you and Sandy would both love to be here, and I wish I could snap my fingers and make it happen (We're all alike in this way, aren't we?). This is a dream come true for me and sometimes I still have to convince myself this is all real. I hope we can get you up here in the near future.